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True Real-Time Transcription

Massive amounts of speech data are being generated online every day. Speechly for transcription enables you to process this data accurately, cost-efficiently and in real-time.

Why You’ll Love It

Industry Leading Accuracy

Easily train Speech-to-Text models for your specific domain with industry leading 95%+ accuracy.


Our proprietary technology allows you to run transcription on-device instead of in the cloud, resulting in 1/100 of the cost vs cloud-based solutions.

Real-time Transcription

Using our streaming technology, we can deliver high quality transcripts within a few hundred milliseconds.

Batch Transcription

If you have pre-recorded audio or video content that needs a transcript, Speechly can also process massive amounts of data asynchronously.


  • Podcasts and Audio Streams

    Using Speechly, you can easily transcribe speech on the users’ device, resulting in a cost-efficient solution for transcribing large amounts of audio content. All in real-time and with industry leading accuracy.

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  • Videos and Streaming

    Using Speechly you know exactly what is being said in videos and streams in real-time. By running Speechly on-device, you can cost-efficiently scale across any and all video platforms.

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