Hosted Whisper

A fully managed Whisper as a Service that let’s you focus on building features and not infrastructure.

Focus on building, not infrastructure

Speechly Hosted Whisper is a fully managed Whisper as a Service that allows you to focus on building features instead of working on infrastructure. With smart features like Auto Scaling and Automatic Language Detection, it's a great solution for cost-efficiently transcribing large amounts of pre-recorded audio in the cloud or on-premise.

Fully managed Whisper as a Service

The Whisper cluster is fully managed by Speechly’s DevOps team to ensure the service is available and up-to-date at all times.

Deploy to Cloud or On-premise

Run Speechly Hosted Whisper in the cloud or easily integrate into your on-premises solution. Get full control over your infrastructure and protect your speech data.

Full Auto Scaling

The Speechly’s DevOps team will automatically adjust the number of Whisper instances for you. We ensure a high throughput with no problem handling hundreds of thousands of transcription requests per hour.

Handy Web and gRPC APIs

Integrate Whisper using your existing tooling and workflows with ease. Programmatically access Whisper from your favorite programming language.

Automatic Language Detection

With Speechly hosted Whisper you can simply call Whisper with your audio and get it automatically transcribed correctly without separately specifying the language.

Straightforward pricing

You only pay for the transcribed audio. Silences, background noise and unintelligible audio are omitted.

Use cases

subtitle illustration

Subtitles and closed captions

Leverage transcripts to provide better subtitles and closed captions for your video content. Speechly Hosted Whisper is a cost-efficient way to produce accurate transcripts for any language supported by Whisper. With Automatic Language Detection, you don’t even have to specify the language.

categorization illustration

Information extraction, content indexing and summarization

Utilize transcripts to extract, index or summarize information from audio content. Speechly Hosted Whisper is a cost-efficient way to produce accurate transcripts that you can refine into your own downstream systems for further value creation.