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Mandi Galluch

Mar 08, 2022

1 min read

Partnership between Speechly and makes it easy for eCommerce Wix Stores to add voice technology to their sites

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We’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with to bring Speechly’s voice technology to their 200 million users worldwide.

Speechly collaborated closely with the team on the design of a voice enabled feature package that can easily be integrated into WixStores sites. This collaboration makes it possible for WixStores shoppers to experience machine learning powered voice enabled features like voice search and voice filtering, all customized for each site.

Adding a Voice User Interface to Wix Sites

Step by step tutorials have been put together to add a voice search bar and to add custom Reactive Voice UI components.

Beyond the “behind the scenes” technology, the package includes things like the customizable Push to Talk UI component, which makes it simple for shoppers interested in activating the voice feature as a part of their shopping experience.

Speechly’s proprietary Spoken Language Understanding® technology powers the experiences by extracting the meaning and intentions of the user’s spoken language, and turning it into useful data - without forcing them to alter the way they naturally speak. That means that Wix sites will now be able to map speech to intents in real-time, allowing visitors to see their words instantly generate reactions within the site.

Why Using a Voice API Makes Sense

From the ease of integration across multiple browser types to the ease of scalability and simplicity of integration into an existing tech stack, voice APIs are great options for developers looking to add voice features and functionality to their digital experiences.

Wix users can experience it for themselves using the Speechly for Wix Stores Velo package.

Cover photo by Vojtech Okenka on Pexels

About Speechly

Speechly is a YC backed company building tools for speech recognition and natural language understanding. Speechly offers flexible deployment options (cloud, on-premise, and on-device), super accurate custom models for any domain, privacy and scalability for hundreds of thousands of hours of audio.

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