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Voice Chat Toxicity in Games: What the Data Say

Collin Borns

Mar 30, 2023

1 min read

Speechly recently released the Voice Chat Toxicity Report for Online Games - a consumer survey of over 1000 online gamers on consumers perspective and sentiment towards toxicity on video games. In this interview, Otto Söderlund (Co-Founder and CEO at Speechly) and Bret Kinsella (Founder of sat down to dig into the key results.

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It is no secret that video game voice chat is a channel for toxic behavior. However, there was an absence of in-depth data about the problem. Speechly knew from its work monitoring and analyzing voice chat for game makers that the data showed a different, larger, and more nuanced issue than industry leaders recognized. 

To gain a broader perspective, Speechly commissioned consumer research to find out how toxic behavior in voice chat impacts player experience and perceptions. Otto Söderlund, CEO of Speechly, was recently interviewed by Voicebot Research about the findings. The video below includes multiple charts, data points, and insights that tell a more comprehensive story of the good, the bad, and the ugly of online game voice chat.

The full Voice Chat Toxicity Report for Online Games includes over 40 charts and 50 pages of analysis. You can download a copy by clicking the button below. 

Click Here to Download Report

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Speechly is a YC backed company building tools for speech recognition and natural language understanding. Speechly offers flexible deployment options (cloud, on-premise, and on-device), super accurate custom models for any domain, privacy and scalability for hundreds of thousands of hours of audio.

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