Speechgrinder is now Speechly

Oct 01, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

Speechgrinder shortens its name to Speechly and gets ready for the public launch of the developer tools it has been building.

Speechly is building APIs and developer tools that enable developers to build real-time multi-modal voice user interfaces for any platform or domain. Under the new name Speechly is expanding to new markets and gets ready for the public launch of the tools.

“Our technology is battle tested by enterprises in many domains, such as ecommerce, industry services and media.Now we are getting ready for launching the product to a wider developer audience.”, says Otto Söderlund, the CEO of Speechly.

More information about the company and the product it’s building on the ​Speechly website​.

About Speechly

Speechly (originally Speechgrinder) is a Helsinki, Finland based company building developerAPIs for next generation voice UIs. It’s a growing team of a dozen speech scientists, NLU engineer, senior developers and growth hackers. The team has previous working experience inbuilding products like Siri & Alexa.