Speechly Releases Free Tool to Help Developers Scale Voice Experiences Beyond Big Tech

Dec 08, 2021 - Arlington, Virginia

The tool transforms Alexa Skills into independent Speechly Applications that work across the web and mobile applications

Collin Borns

Today, Speechly, a voice technology startup, launched a new developer tool that lets users convert an Alexa skill into a Speechly application in just a few simple steps. The Speechly application can be used to enable Reactive Voice User Interfaces across all major browsers and in mobile apps. The surprise announcement was made live on stage at the 2021 VOICE Summit.

The company’s CEO Otto Söderlund added, “We believe in a voice-enabled future where all companies can add voice user interface features into their own websites and applications, without the restrictions and data sharing requirements that come with developing in Big Tech owned third-party ecosystems. Speechly’s proprietary technology was built to give control back to the developers, so that they can easily add multi-modal voice UI functionality anywhere with just a few lines of code. This latest release means that it’s now even easier to get started scaling beyond legacy voice UIs.”

The tool was released as a public beta, with plans for quick iteration in partnership with users.

About Speechly

Founded by researchers in Helsinki, Finland, in 2016, Speechly is the fast, accurate, and simple Voice Interface API for web and mobile. Speechly’s proprietary technology lets developers with no speech recognition or NLU experience easily add intuitive multi-modal voice UI functionalities into any application with just a few lines of code.

Speechly’s proprietary Spoken Language Understanding solution, industry leading language models, and flexible API were designed to make it easy for companies to build voice features remarkably fast.

To learn more, visit speechly.com. To start building, visit docs.speechly.com.