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Example domains

Shopping list creation:

Online shopping can be tedious; complicated search boxes and links of complex product hierarchies can make shopping time-consuming and laborious. With Speechly, customers only need to vocalise the names of the products they wish to buy to add the purchasable items into their virtual shopping carts.

Meal tracking:

Keeping track of what you eat is an efficient way to lose weight or to stay in shape. However, tracking everything by writing or typing can be an extremely tedious task. Snackchat’s mobile meal-logging app — the world’s first voice-based meal logging application — that uses Speechly’s voice technology makes meal tracking a breeze. Our analytics show that given a choice between typing or speaking, users prefer to use voice in 93% of the cases. Snackchat’s meal-tracking app has off-the-charts retention rates with over a quarter of users still actively tracking their meals after a month from app installation.

App voice control:

Driving and tuning your car radio can be a hazardous combination. Speechly’s voice technology lets you tune into your favourite radio station without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel.

Food ordering:

When customers visit chain restaurants, they very often know exactly what they want to order and just want to order their meals fast and effectively. While touchscreens have been gaining adoption, according to a recent study 100% of fast food touch screen contained traces of feces. Voice can be by far the most effective way to capture customer orders in-store, in drive-thru, over the phone or over the internet.

Doctor’s reporting:

Research shows that doctor’s use more than half of their time on a computer and more than a third goes to progress notes.  While the doctors communicate with patients they explain most of the same things that they need to then write out into the computer. Voice can be used to capture the most relevant information from the doctor-patient conversation and prepopulate the reports required.

Customizable real-time speech recognition:

Plugging voice smoothly into RPA processes can be challenging as differing audio qualities and very domain/task specific vocabularies make using off-the-shelf speech-to-text services unusable. Our technology allows not only tailoring the speech recognition to the acoustic environment and domain-specific vocabulary, but also doing key natural language understanding tasks effectively in real-time.

Aircraft maintenance:

Cabin defects, such as broken seats, can cause major customer dissatisfaction . It is often the task of busy cabin crew to report such defects while serving customers and minimising the aircraft downtime. With CabinWorks, Speechly’s voice-enabled cabin management tool, airline cabin crew can report cabin defects by simply describing the defect to their mobile phone. This not only minimises aircraft downtime and gives time for better customer service, but also improves the quality of defect reports, thus facilitating the work of cabin engineers.

Contact center agent superpowers:

Managing and optimizing call center operations can be frustrating. Having a real-time overview of what is happening in the interactions and how are agents performing can be a far away dream. Our APIs allow you to build a real-time view on what is happening across all the voice interactions while also providing superpowers like lead identification, script recommendations and real-time Next Best Actions for contact center agents.

Industrial machines and robots voice control:

Industrial environments can be noisy and dirty and pose specific requirements for user interfaces. Voice interfaces allow operators to control machines remotely while being occupied with other manual tasks. Our technology can easily adapt to the challenging industrial acoustic environments and allows you to build smart voice controlled workflows.

VR voice control:

With the increasing adoption of VR / AR technologies, hands free operation becomes more important than ever. In addition to simple remote commands, Speechly technology allows building rich immersive real-time UIs that can be used for more complicated tasks like supporting complicated maintenance workers with overlaid technical instructions controlled in real-time using voice.

Real-time gaming control:

Voice gaming is currently focusing on simple dialogues, a bit like the early text based adventures in the early 80s. Real-time voice control allows embedding voice as an intuitive part of the game mechanics and creating an even more immersive overall gaming experience.

Insurance or finance management apps:

Voice is a natural way for customers to explain situations in an insurance claim situation or a daily banking transactions. Leveraging smart voice technology enables creating intuitive and smooth experiences in customer situations where ease and security are key.

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Speechly voice technology used in grocery market

Use case examples


A screenshot of SOK voice-enabled grocery shopping list app


S-Group, Finland’s largest grocery store cooperative, had developed an e-commerce store for their increasingly digitally savvy customers. However allowing their customers to build their regular grocery shopping baskets from their over 90 000 SKUs proved to be relatively slow and cumbersome for their customers.


To make the shopping experience easier, S-Group used Speechly technology to build a voice-enabled shopping basket iOS app called “S-Ostoslista”.


  • Time to build shopping basket cut by 5-10x
  • Great user retention
  • Great user reviews: 4.6 stars in App Store, “The best innovation since paper and pen. An absolutely stunning application” –Appstore user
  • Great client feedback: "I would strongly recommend to try out Speechly” -Harri Laaksonen, eCommerce development manager, S-Group
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A screenshot of a voice enabled mobile radio/podcast app


Radiot.fi, the most popular and widely used radio application in Finland wanted to make using of it’s application even easier and increase customer retention. Research showed that radio listening is often done in a context where hands might be occupied like driving or while doing chores at home.


To improve application experience, Radiot.fi used Speechly technology to add voice commands to it’s application allowing users to find channels and programs easily with their voice.


  • Significantly better user experience, especially while driving or doing other things simultaneously
  • Great user retention (40%+ 7D retention)
  • Great client feedback: “We have the world's best radio voice interface. Works better than Alexa!” – Jari Lahti, Chief Digital & Customer Experience Officer, Finnish public service broadcasting company Yle
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Fazer food diary

A hand holding a phone that runs a voice-enabled mobile phone app


Fazer, the leading food brand in Finland, wanted to build stronger direct customer contacts, increase retention and position themselves as a health-conscious brand. To do this they wanted to launch a meal tracking application that their customers could use to easily log their meals using their voice.


Snackchat’s mobile meal-logging app — the world’s first voice-based meal logging application — that uses Speechly’s voice technology makes meal tracking a breeze.


  • Users prefer to use voice in 93% of the cases
  • Off-the-chart retention rates: D1 81%, D7 57%, D30 24%
  • Great customer feedback

Cabin defect management

A screenshot of a login screen for a voice-enabled mobile phone app


Being able to turnaround planes at airports is extremely important driver of airline profitability. Often the turnaround times are very short and there is very little time to report defects or other irregularities in a well-organized structured format. This leads to many defects not being reported and customers experiencing annoying problems during flights.


With CabinWorks, Speechly’s voice-enabled cabin management tool, airline cabin crew can report cabin defects by simply describing the defect to their mobile phone.


  • Minimizes aircraft turnaround time
  • Giver time for better customer service
  • Improves quality of defect reports
  • Makes work of cabin engineers easier
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White label smart speaker for financial services

A mockup of a smart speaker that understands speech


A leading Nordic financial institution wanted to test a smart speaker service for their customers that is capable of understanding the local language. However, the existing smart speakers and voice technologies have very limited support for Nordic languages so building smart speaker services that understand local languages is impossible or very hard.


The financial institution leveraged Speechly’s white label smart speaker solution to build their own smart speaker capable of understanding simple customer commands executing tasks.


  • The first smart speaker in the world to understand the local language
  • The financial institution was the first in their country to try smart speaker services understanding the local language
  • The smart speakers received good customer feedback in the pilots
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