Use Cases

Moderation for Audio and Video Services

Build safer & more secure online communities or monitor & protect what’s being said about your brand with the Speechly for Audio Services API.

Profanity Filtering

Our Spoken Language Understanding™ technology can be trained to accurately detect and address any hate speech, harassment and profanity.

Custom Vocabulary Lists

You can fine tune our Speech-to-Text API to monitor what is (or isn’t) being said about your brand. This can also be used to easily redact Personally.

Real-time Streaming

Using our streaming technology, we can moderate audio in real time - with latency of only a few hundred milliseconds.


Our proprietary technology can run on the edge instead of in the cloud, resulting in 1/100 of the cost vs Cloud-based solutions. You can now scale your moderation solution without breaking the bank.

Additional Features

Fully Customizable

Moderation is not a 1-size fits all problem - Speechly can be customized to build a moderation solution specific to your needs.

Security Built Right In

Having been founded in Finland, privacy is a key focus of ours. All user data is anonymized.

Industries we Serve

Voice Chat Services (Social Audio, Social Media & Gaming), Video Services, Metaverse, Gaming, Podcasting, and Advertising

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