Use Cases

Moderation for Social Experiences

Building safer & more secure communities has become mandatory. Online community owners are building solutions to moderate their communities to make them safe and fight churn. But voice chat has been an unsolved problem due to the prohibitive cost of processing the data accurately, until now.

Accurate Where It Matters

Average accuracy is not enough for moderation. You need excellent accuracy, recall and false positive rate for the words that matter for moderation.


Our proprietary technology can run on-device instead of in the cloud, resulting in 1/100 of the cost vs Cloud-based solutions. You can now scale your moderation solution without breaking the bank.

Privacy by Design

Speechly is built with privacy and security in mind by being able to process speech on the users’ device or in your private cloud.

Real-time Streaming

The Speechly for Social Experiences toolkit is built to stream audio in real time - with latency of only a few hundred milliseconds.

Additional Features

Fully Customizable

Moderation is not a one-size fits all problem - Speechly can be customized to build a moderation solution specific to your needs.

Fully Programmable

Keep up-to-date with the ever changing ways of how users are saying abusive things and leverage your text chat models for speech.

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Voice Chat Services (Social Audio, Social Media & Gaming), Video Services, Metaverse, Gaming, Podcasting, and Advertising

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