Use Cases

Transcription for Social Experiences

Transcribe audio and video on the users’ device and in real time using the Speechly for Social Experiences toolkit.

Industry Leading Accuracy

Easily train Speech-to-Text models for your specific domain with industry leading 95%+ accuracy.


Our proprietary technology allows you to run transcription on-device instead of in the cloud, resulting in 1/100 of the cost vs cloud-based solutions.

Real-time Streaming

Using our streaming technology, we can deliver high quality transcripts within a few hundred milliseconds.

Batch Transcription

If you have pre-recorded audio or video content that needs a transcript, Speechly can process massive amounts of data quickly.

Additional Features

Timestamps for Utterances

Our API automatically adds a timestamp to every utterance so you can keep track of who said what at any specific time.

Custom Vocabulary Lists

Our tools enable anyone to train Speech-to-Text models for your specific domain, without being a Data Scientist.

Industries We Serve

Podcasting, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Virtual Events, and Video Conferencing.

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