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Non-commercial projects

$0 Monthly price per seat

API usage included
50 hours

Good for hundreds of users

Plan includes
  • Real-time Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Real-time Spoken Language Understanding (SLU)
    • Intent detection
    • Entity detection
    • Multi-intents
  • Self-service SLU customization in web
  • ASR domain adaptation
  • Platform integration SDKs (web, iOS, Android, React...)
  • Community support in GitHub

    Small commercial projects

    $195 Monthly price per seat

    API usage included
    200 hours

    Good for thousands of users

    Everything in Free plus
    • Support for multi-user projects
    • Command Line Interface for
      • Automated deploying and testing
      • Version control
    • Database import support for Speechly Annotation Language
    • Email support

      Medium scale projects

      $895 Monthly price per seat

      API usage included
      1200 hours

      Good for tens of thousands of users

      Everything in Developer plus
      • Configuration support
      • End user utterance data and analytics
      • Data annotation tools
      • Dedicated Slack channel support
      • Additional API usage priced at $1.08 per hour ($0.0003 per second)

        Enterprise production

        Ask Monthly price per seat

        API usage included

        Good for serious business

        Everything in Professional plus
        • Acoustic model customization service
        • On-premise installation
        • On-device models
        • Wake words
        • Data annotation and model optimization service
        • Other professional services
        • Phone support


          POC with Speechly

          Build a proof of concept with Speechly to get your business case validated quickly and to verify best possible accuracy.

          Dedicated technical support person

          Acoustic customization for your model

          Continuous accuracy improvements

          Help for designing your voice user interface

          Onboarding workshop for your developers

          Deploy in private cloud or on-device

          Help for annotating your transcripts

          No hidden costs