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Future of Voice for e-Commerce - Key findings from our event

Learn how our guests realized the benefits of next-generation voice user interfaces for e-Commerce and how voice technology can improve customer experience and efficiency in retail industry.

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How decreasing time-to-cart can help retailers win more customers in grocery e-commerce?

Decreasing time-to-cart in grocery ecommerce can have a huge impact on the business, because creating the first cart takes so much time and is cumbersome. With speech recognition, time-to-cart can be decreased by up to 90%.

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Machine learning and speech recognition glossary

The ultimate glossary of speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) terms. Utterances, slots, ASRs and wake words explained in layman's terms. Contact us if you find errors!

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What is Speechly?

Speechly is a company, but also a developer tool that can be used to create real-time voice user interfaces to any application on any platform. Speechly is fast, smart and easy to deploy for developers and its models are easy to train and modify to specific use cases.

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Why are smart speakers not the future of voice?

While smart speakers can handle simple question-answer -based queries just fine, they are not the future of voice. What is?

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Speechgrinder is now Speechly

Speechgrinder has changed its name to Speechly! Our services or products are not affected by the change and we'll continue on building the best spoken language understanding tools for developers as Speechly.

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Speech recognition in grocery market whitepaper published

Speechly published a whitepaper on how voice technology can benefit grocery retail market. The whitepaper is available completely for free, no strings attached!

Use cases

Speech recognition in VR/AR applications

ZOAN is a Finnish startup that specializes in VR and AR solutions. ZOAN is using Speechly to enable immersive hands-free control of their VR environments.